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Bridges’ Body Canvas is company that was developed by Eric and Andrea Bridges.  Andrea has a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. Eric is an artist and educator with a Master’s in Education from The University of South Carolina.  Together, they formulate Shea butter based products that provides moisture and hydration for the body and hair. 


While Andrea was attending graduate school, she gained an interest in using Shea butter on her skin and hair. Shea butter is a natural and versatile moisturizer that has wonderful benefits and properties. Displeased by the Shea butter products that she found in stores, Andrea began making her famous Shea butter cream. For her, this cream relieved dryness better than store-bought lotions and creams. 


Andrea met her brilliant husband, Eric. He loved her cream and believed that it should be available to everyone.  Hence, the beginning of Dr. Andrea Bridges’ Body Canvas. Since starting their business in 2014, Eric and Andrea have revamped and developed their line of Shea butter based products.  They believe in making quality products and that you should treat yourself daily. Together, they have developed a growing brand. 


In addition to Andrea admiring the moisturizing benefits of shea butter, she has a mild case of eczema. For years, she suffered from small, red, and itchy bumps on certain areas of her body. Before using the Body Canvas Shea cream, she visited doctors for treatment. However, the medicines that she was prescribed did not help the irritations. One day she decided to use the shea cream on her troubled areas. Within 3-6 months, she noticed a significant relief in her outbreaks. The appearance of the red bumps and itchiness reduced dramatically. Since then, she has not suffered from another breakout.  She can only blame these results from using the Body Canvas shea cream. It worked for her!


Thank you for your interest in Bridges’ Body Canvas products.


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